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Hi guys! this is my first EXO fanfic - it is Baekhyun biased but EXO plays a big part in the story so they are featured ALOT. Hope you like it, here’s the forward/ first chapter! i have written three chapters already and I PROMISE you it gets better! Please read it and PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! it means a lot to me :) if you like to see the full story - HERE


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So some fun facts for you. I’m Jihye. I’m 21. I work for SM. I live across from EXO. My best friend is in EXO. Problem? My bestfriend is in a public relationship with Girl’s Generation Taeyeon and you guessed right. i’m in love with him. 


Her phone must of rang about a trillion times, Jihye gazed down at her iphone and placed it on the kitchen counter.

Missed call - Chanyeol - 6 .

Missed Call - Chen Chen - 4 .

Missed Call  - Kai - 2 .

Missed Call - Luhan  - 2 .

Missed Call - D.O - 1 

Her phone was filling up with countless messages and voicemails. She didn’t want to pick up anyones call, reply to any messages, listen to voicemails. She was waiting for one message from him. that’s all she wanted and he couldn’t give her that. Why couldn’t he tell her? Why after weeks of asking, he straight out denied it to her face?

Why did he lie to her? Did he not trust her? Did the members know? Of course they did. And to find out like this? not even a hint to let her know?  So she wouldn’t feel this stupid. Jihye sat on her sofa just staring at the wall. She just got back from visting her mum in the hospital when she found out. She found out on the bus home. People were talking about it. Jihye felt her heart just collapsed within itself. She felt numb and confused.

Jihye slowly got up and turned her phone off as she went over to the kettle and switched the kettle on. She placed both palms on the counter and took a deep breath. Tears slowly formed in her eyes as she shook her head out in frustration. she sniffled and reached for a mug. So many thoughts and questions popped in her head. Is it true? of course it’s true. You’re too late. He doesn’t love you they way you love him. You’re his bestfriend. You don’t have a chance. Not anymore. You missed it. You are not even an idol. but SHE is. who are you compare to her. 

Tears were flowing out gently as she made tea and brought it to her sofa and placed it on her coffee table. She picked up her tablet and there was the article right infront of her. 


Jihye scrolled down the article and looked at the pictures of them in the car and all the reported photos. Jihye cried as she can feel her heart break in pieces. She didn’t want to feel like this. You’re stupid for crying. He doesn’t care. She looked at the time on the clock.

It was nearly midnight and she is up early for a meeting with F(x) as they are preparing for their comeback. Jihye got up from the sofa and wiped her tears away with her sleeve. All of a sudden she heard voices and loud knocking outside her front door. She knew who it was. they kept calling her name “PARK JIHYE, open the door. Jihye-ah!" it was Chanyeol.

Jihye …-it’s Chen and Chanyeol oppa. open the door please, we need to talk to you. Baekhyunnie is-“ Chen whispered into the door. Jihye stared at the door and gulped. She shook her head and turned off the lights. and for the first time in 3 years, she ignored them and didn’t open the door. Jihye left eveything the way it was in the living room and walked slowly into her bedroom and closed the door.




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